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Product like these are constantly required and used. Everybody and we mean everybody have once deleted some files that they should not have. This product is exactly for them - that means FOR EVERYBODY.
The tasks performed by our product can not be done manually or by using a trick - you really need a product like this to perform the tasks it was made for.
It is incredibly easy to use and absolutely secure.
Your average user does not need to have any technical skills to use it.
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Detailed description of BitBack:

BitBack is a File Recovery utility that insists on simplicity of use. It is able to recover files from NTFS Hard Disk Drives and Removable Storage Devices.

BitBack does not require any installation at all - just download and use it. It is perfect for running from a USB flash drive.

BitBack is concepted as a three step wizard. The user has to perform three actions in order to retrieve his files.

BitBack has no limitations when it comes to the size of the file being recovered or the size of the device from which the file is being recovered.

When Windows deletes a file, it mangles its file name so that it can store it properly in the Recycle Bin. BitBack performs de-mangling of such filenames so that the user can easily recognise which files to retrieve.

Initially BitBack scans the MFT of the NTFS partition and using that information it locates all the files that were deleted on that partition.

The user is then shown a list of the deleted files that were found and he is offered a choice to select which files he wants to attempt to retrieve.

The retrieved files are copied to the location specified by the user in the second step of the BitBack wizard.

With this the BitBack process is complete

Main features:

Get your files back within three easy steps.

Run from a removable device - no installation needed!

Work on: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Work with unlimited file sizes.

Work with absolutely all file types.

Handle all the technical stuff - You don't have to be a computer expert to get your files back.

Run absolutely safely. Safety was one of the main concerns while making this software.

Windows mangles filenames when he deletes them, BitBack will get the original file names as well.

Automatically recognizes Hard Disk Drives or Removable Storage devices that it can use and only allow work with them.

Run Multithreaded - BitBack will utilize your CPU in the most optimum way :)

Simplicity was one of the main concerns while making this software.

There are no recurring charges for this product.

There are no geographic limitation associated to this product.

Known Limitations:

BitBack won't work on a formatted hard drive.

As will all file retrieval programs that exists, this one is also not able to retrieve a file if the file space has been reuesed by Windows for another file.

BitBack works only with NTFS and that is why it lists only NTFS partition, so there is no confusion.

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